Jacket art: David Ricceri

The Secret Life of Billie's Uncle Myron

A middle-grade fantasy adventure novel, with lots of jokes.

by Len Jenkin and Emily Jenkins
Henry Holt BYR, 1996

Eleven-year-old Billie is tired of her life: Her rock star parents are always on tour. They spend more time with agents and photographers than with Billie and her baby brother, Bix. So when mysterious Uncle Myron pulls up to their hotel in his cadillac convertible, Billie has a brilliant idea: She and Bix will stow away in the backseat until their parents are worried enough to come and find them.

But before long, the car is flying through the air on its way to Borderland, a strange place where marshmallows are priceless, elephants dance in nightclubs, and a giant amphibian called the Kingfish rules with an iron tail. When Bix is kidnapped by the evil Kingfish, Billie must trust the bizarre creatures of the Borderland to help her rescue him.